Online Icelandic Course

LÓA Language School offers 2 engaging and rewarding Icelandic courses at the beginners' level - one for absolute beginners and the other for those who are confident with their base in grammar and vocabulary. Click the tiles below for detailed information about each course.

If you are unsure as to which of the two courses you should take, click the button below to take our placement exam! It is designed to determine your level of Icelandic and free for all to take. The exam takes about 30-45 minutes, depending on your linguistic background, and the results will arrive in your mail box shortly after you finish. Click below and see how you go!

Online Tutoring via Zoom

In addition to the online Icelandic courses, LÓA offers online tutoring sessions, which can be a great support for your course studies! Choose a time and date which suits you to meet up with the teacher online and discuss grammar, brush up on vocabulary, or practice pronunciation, and more, all according to your Icelandic needs.

Are you ready to start?

Click the tiles below to purchase, and for further information about our courses and tutoring sessions!

Íslenska 1 - Icelandic for Beginners

Make your first experience learning Icelandic engaging and rewarding with our awesome beginners‘ class!

€ 293.00 EUR

Íslenska 2 - Icelandic for Beginners

Continue strengthening your knowledge base and experience, towards becoming more confident in your Icelandic!

€ 293.00 EUR

Welcome to Online Tutoring with Anna

Get an online Icelandic session with a qualified teacher.

€ 54.00 EUR

Welcome to Online Tutoring with Anna - 3 sessions

Get three online sessions at a 20% discount!

€ 130.00 EUR

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