About LÓA Language School

LÓA Language School was established in 2020 by three Icelandic teachers with a common vision of bringing Icelandic language learning online in a way that hadn't been done before.

As our presence is 100% online, all our material and our approach to teaching, student care and communication is developed specifically for the online space as the learning environment (as opposed to traditional classrooms, obviously!).

This means that our material and approach have not merely been altered from the traditional form and made to fit the online model. LÓA courses were designed for the purpose and delivery they serve.

LÓA offers a unique combination of four factors that make for a rewarding learning experience, presented here in random order:

  1. Custom-made course curriculum developed, designed and presented specifically as online, independent study courses.
  2. Experienced teachers write the curriculum, drawing on 20 years of instructing varied groups of student.
  3. Students receive 12 months of access to courses. Each course corresponds to 10-12 weeks of on-site learning. Having the option to study as fast as you want or spread the course out over 365 days, there is no need for cramming, no rushing, no missing classes. Just one year of course material right at your fingertips.
  4. Custom made user interface aimed at effortless user experience where students can access all their material (slides, audio, quizzes etc) on the same page.

The course material consists of an impressive course packet complete with support material, as well as a copy of our Icelandic language textbook of choice: Íslenska fyrir alla.

Our material is rigorously researched, combining different learning methodologies, like practicing vocabulary and listening to audio from native speakers. The courses are updated regularly to reflect useful and stimulating trends within language and online education, as well as our students' needs.

Along with our flagship courses, Icelandic levels 1-3, we offer Online Tutoring to supplement and boost students’ learning. On the other side of the Zoom call you'll find one of our enthusiastic teachers, experienced in tutoring students from all over the world in all sorts of circumstances and situations.

LÓA Language School offers engaging, innovative and rewarding course material by qualified, committed and skilful teachers, drawing on years of teaching and course development experience. Students study free of the stress which can accompany in-class courses. All that and a user-friendly interface, as well!

LÓA Language School: ambitious and enjoyable - the obvious choice when it comes to learning Icelandic!

Our Name and Logo

Our name and logo are inspired by a migratory bird, much beloved by all (yes, all!) Icelanders. Her name is Ióa.

Lóa is endearingly called vorboðinn ljúfi, the sweet harbinger of spring, as she arrives in early April each year.

On her arrival, lóa encourages us to be industrious and positive. In a well-known Icelandic poem, lóa is said to banish drudgery, while also symbolising the return of sun and growth.

So, why lóa? Well, lóa is a constant, even if migratory, and represents positive things about Iceland. The sun (Icel.: sól, feminine noun) is specifically mentioned, which is positive in that we positively love her when she's here!

And finally, lóa also represents what all students do & have when faced with something new, like a language course: hard work & hope.

The designer of our lóa-logo, which you can see in various places around the site, is Ólafur Pétursson, graphic designer and programmer.

PS: This is for bird enthusiasts: Lóa in English is European Golden Plover; in Latin: pluvialis apricaria.