Learn Icelandic at your convenience

LÓA Language School was established in 2020 by a tight-knit team of educators, designers and programmers who all happen to be language enthusiasts, sharing a common vision of facilitating Icelandic learning by bringing it online.

Our aim is to give students a viable alternative in Icelandic learning, in particular those whose work or personal circumstances prohibit them from attending regular classes.

We offer engaging, innovative and rewarding courses with material developed by a qualified, committed and skillful teacher, drawing on years of teaching and course development experience. With LÓA, students study free of the stress which can accompany in-class courses, with a user-friendly interface developed in-house.

Our name and logo

Our name and logo are inspired by a migratory bird, much beloved by all (yes, all!) Icelanders. Her name is Ióa.

Lóa is endearingly called vorboðinn ljúfi, the sweet harbinger of spring, as she arrives in early April each year. On her arrival, lóa encourages us to be industrious and positive. In a well-known Icelandic poem, lóa is said to banish drudgery, while also symbolising the return of sun and growth.

So, why lóa? Well, lóa is a constant, even if migratory, and represents positive things about Iceland. The sun (Icel.: sól, feminine noun) is specifically mentioned, which is positive in that we positively love her when she's here!

And finally, lóa also represents what all students do & have when faced with something new, like a language course: hard work & hope.

Óli, our graphic designer and programmer, designed the LÓA logo. Look up to your left - uncanny resemblance, right?

PS: This is for bird enthusiasts: Lóa in English is European Golden Plover; in Latin: pluvialis apricaria. This cute bird was voted
bird of the year 2021!

About our website

LÓA Language School's website is built in Webflow.
Most of our photos are borrowed from the vast photo libraries at Pexels as well as Pixabay and Unsplash.