Get three 45 minute sessions of individual attention with our experienced Icelandic teacher! Our Private Lessons are tailored to your needs, putting you on the fast track to fluency.

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Have you already taken courses or learned Icelandic by some other means? Not ready for a full online course?

If you are starting fresh, jump starting your Icelandic studies after a break or continuing on an individual basis, then Private Lessons are just for you!

Let us set up suitable content for you to build on where you stand, and organize your studies with you. Our package of three lessons will be a valuable and worthwhile boost to your language learning efforts.

We’ll start with a short online meeting, free of charge, to assess your prior knowledge and discuss your interests and goals in learning. Then we will plunge right in, studying vocabulary, grammar, pronunciation and practice speaking, give you listening exercises as well as written ones – whatever you need! If you like, you will get homework. We always recommend it, but it’s up to you.

Here’s how we do it

Time & date

  • You buy this package of 3 Private Lessons
  • Once LÓA has received your registration and payment information, your teacher will email you to schedule a time and date for your introductory meeting, as wells as your first lesson
  • Your teacher will send you a meeting link and code shortly before each scheduled meeting

Tech stuff

  • We use Zoom for our Private Lessons
  • Please follow the instructions in the above mentioned email to join the meeting
  • Before starting, please go to and sign up for a free account; you can download the Zoom app, or join the meeting in a browser
  • Please make sure your camera, mic and internet are working properly before the meetings

If you have any questions or concerns about using Zoom, or any other technical issues concerning these sessions, feel free to contact


Course Structure and Materials


Level of Study - Placement Exam

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Price: ISK 29,600*

3 Private Lessons with Anna

Jump start your studies or stay the course with individually tailored Icelandic lessons!

€ 195.00 EUR


You may be entitled to a full or partial grant or reimbursement from your labour union (stéttarfélag) or work place to cover course fees. Contact your union for more information.

*PayPal doesn't allow for payments in Icelandic króna. Price in Euros is an approximate.

Kaupa námskeið

Meet your Teacher!

Anna Ólafsdóttir

Anna graduated with a B.Ed. from the University of Iceland's School of Education in 1988, majoring in Icelandic, and returned in 2016 to complete a diploma in Translation Studies. She has several years's experience teaching children as well working with teachers on eg. selecting and creating course material. For the last few years Anna has focused on teaching Icelandic for adults, working as a translator on the side.

Anna has worked in the development sector and has lived and traveled in nearly all continents. She speaks English, French and Spanish, as well as some of the Nordic languages, and has worked for many years as a guide around our beautiful Iceland.

Anna is LÓA Language School's resident teacher.