The European golden plover (Pluvialis apricaria), drawn as the logo of Loa Language School, which teaches Icelandic. Loa is the Icelandic name for golden plover. She's a pretty bird!
A young woman with glasses sits in a long hallway. She looks away from her laptop and books wistfully, half-smiling at the photographer. She's a student
; she's happy with her studies.

There's never been a
better time or place
to learn Icelandic
than right here, right now

It's time for LÓA's special winter promotions!
Read on for more information!

LÓA's Winter Wonders!

Winter is upon us, a time when people traditionally spend more time indoors, though in Iceland that tradition tends to last all year round... ;)
Whatever the tradition, we here at LÓA think winter is the perfect time for you to start studying Icelandic or pick up your studies again. What's more, we offer you a way to do this from the comfort of your own home, on the bus, at your fave super-chic Icelandic café.
With LÓA right there on your laptop, the choice of venue is yours!

LÓA's Winter Wonder:
1 Icelandic course + 2 One on One online tutoring sessions
for kr. 33.600*!
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We look forward to seeing you online!

*Due to technical issues our prices are listed in EUR during checkout (currently EUR222).

LÓA at a glance

LÓA Language School is a new and exciting Icelandic language school providing online independent study courses currently aimed at the beginners' levels, as well as online tutoring for all levels.
With so many of our daily activities moving online over the past years, creating  user-friendly, attractive and professional learning spaces has become more relevant than ever. We offer you that space.
Explore and you just might find what you are looking for!