Íslenska 1 is intended for students with little or no Icelandic language learning background.

The aim of this beginners' course is to give you a good base in grammar and vocabulary, and to get you communicating with Icelandic speakers in normal, daily encounters, such as with neighbours, at work, at the shops, or other social situations. The course will help you start to understand the gist of Icelandic grammar, see the big picture, and start to use the first pieces of the language puzzle effectively.

Íslenska 1 is based around the textbook Íslenska fyrir alla 1 (Icelandic for Everyone 1) by Sólborg Jónsdóttir and Þorbjörg Halldórsdóttir; drawings by Böðvar Leós. Students enrolled in Íslenska 1 receive a comprehensive course package created by the teacher, as well as a copy of the textbook.


In our first beginners' course you will learn vocabulary to express a wide variety of things concerning daily life – all within the grammar framework necessary to use your knowledge with ease and skill.

The vocabulary at this stage will revolve around

  • family
  • daily life
  • body and health
  • home and children
  • work and vocations
  • locations and directions
  • numbers and telling time

As for grammar, the course will introduce you to

  • nouns, their gender and the different cases
  • verbs and simple ways to express present, past and future
  • prepositions to describe directions and locations, and
  • adjectives to add some colour  to the world

Course Structure and Materials

Íslenska 1 contains carefully designed course packages that amount to 40 course hours , divided into 18 lessons. They are based on the textbook Íslenska fyrir alla, which you will receive upon enrolment. Each of the lessons contains instructional material with thorough content explanations through video and audio teaching and exercises. In addition, homework is assigned with every lesson.

The estimated time to complete each lesson is approx. 2 hours, depending on the student's linguistic background, familiarity with Icelandic and individual work speed.

In addition to the course package and textbook, you will receive

  • A vocabulary list
  • An exercise booklet with answers to self correct
  • Grammar sheets
  • Introduction material to assist with speaking practice


General requirements

LÓA's general requirements apply to all courses and are there to help make your studies as smooth and successful as possible right from the start.

To enrol in any course at LÓA Language School, students must have

- motivation and discipline for independent study

- conversational English; English is used at times for clarification

- a computer or laptop - using a mobile is not recommended

- good internet access

- access to a printer to print out support material

Level of Study - Placement Exam

If you are not entirely sure about your level of Icelandic, taking our placement exam is a good idea. It is ideal for anyone who has had exposure to Icelandic through living in Iceland or taking Icelandic courses, but is unsure about which level course they should take.

The placement exam is free of charge and open to all - just click the link, and follow the instructions! Shortly after finishing the exam the results will be in your mail box with a recommendation for a suitable level for you.

Placement Exam

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Íslenska 1 - Icelandic for Beginners

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Kaupa námskeið

Meet your Teacher!

Anna Ólafsdóttir

Anna graduated with a B.Ed. from the University of Iceland's School of Education in 1988, majoring in Icelandic, and returned in 2016 to complete a diploma in Translation Studies. She has several years's experience teaching children as well working with teachers on eg. selecting and creating course material. For the last few years Anna has focused on teaching Icelandic for adults, working as a translator on the side.

Anna has worked in the development sector and has lived and traveled in nearly all continents. She speaks English, French and Spanish, as well as some of the Nordic languages, and has worked for many years as a guide around our beautiful Iceland.

Anna is LÓA Language School's resident teacher.