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Velkomin! We're so happy you've decided to look into online tutoring!

Buying 3 sessions at once is a really smart move, as it ensures continuity.

Learning a new language is fun, wouldn't you say? Also tough, yet inspiring. And sometimes frustrating, confusing, but at the same time so rewarding! Learning requires guidance. How do you feel about having a private tutor help you get through this mixed bag of emotions?

That's what online tutoring is - a brilliant way for you to focus on exactly what you need, to get ahead and enhance your language learning experience.

Here is what you get with Online Tutoring:

  • 45 minutes of Icelandic, tailored to your needs
  • Quality 1-on-1 time with an experienced Icelandic tutor
  • Individual attention an assistance which might just tip the balance!

Use the sessions to practice speaking Icelandic, receive help with grammar, brush up on your vocabulary, or whatever else you need - the choice is yours (we’ll of course help you figure out what you need, no worries!).

Online Tutoring made easy – here’s how we do it

Time & date

  • You buy 3 online sessions
  • Once LÓA has received your registration and payment information, your teacher will contact you to schedule a time and date for your meeting
  • Your teacher will send you a meeting link and code shortly before your scheduled sessions

Tech stuff

  • We use Zoom for our Online Tutoring sessions
  • Please follow the instructions in the above mentioned email to join the meeting
  • Before the session, please go to zoom.us and sign up for a free account; you can download the Zoom app if you wish, or join the meeting in a browser
  • Please make sure your camera, mic and internet are working properly before the session(s)

If you have any concerns about using Zoom, or any other technical issues with the course, feel free to contact admin@loalanguageschool.is


Level of Study - Placement Exam

Purchasing 3 sessions at once shows dedication!

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Price: ISK 18.960*

Welcome to Online Tutoring with Anna - 3 sessions

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€ 130.00 EUR


You may be entitled to a full or partial grant or reimbursement from your labour union (stéttarfélag) or work place to cover course fees. Contact your union for more information.

*PayPal doesn't allow for payments in Icelandic króna. Course prices in Euros will be updated daily using the mid rate given by the Central Bank of Iceland, to reflect course prices in krónas as accurately as possible.

Kaupa námskeið

Meet your Teacher!

Anna Ólafsdóttir

Anna graduated with a B.Ed. from the University of Iceland's School of Education in 1988, majoring in Icelandic, and returned in 2016 to complete a diploma in Translation Studies. She has several years's experience teaching children as well working with teachers on eg. selecting and creating course material. For the last few years Anna has focused on teaching Icelandic for adults, working as a translator on the side.

Anna has worked in the development sector and has lived and traveled in nearly all continents. She speaks English, French and Spanish, as well as some of the Nordic languages, and has worked for many years as a guide around our beautiful Iceland.

Anna teaches Íslenska 1, Íslenska 2 and online tutoring at LÓA Language School.