June 8, 2022

First on our list of 5 popular summer activities is the grillveisla / grillpartý, or barbecue party.

People barbecue all year round, but only in the summer time will you be able to invite friends and family to your house or flat for a proper garden or balcony grillpartý. The word grillsumar (barbecue summer) is a commonly used one now, as in Þetta verður/var gott grillsumar (This will be/ was a great barbecue summer). It will probably rain, but no one cares if the food gets a little wet, as long as you‘ve got good company, good music, nice decor, and the possibility of retreating to the kitchen during the occasional deluge.

Here are just a few things to prepare you for your first grillpartý of the summer.

The typical grillpartýmatur (barbecue party food) will include pylsur (hot dogs), lambakjöt (lamb), svínakjöt (pork), hamborgarar (hamburgers), grænmeti (vegetables), salat (salad) and/or some kartöflusalat (potato salad). This will be washed down with gos (fizzy drinks), some bjór (beer), vín (wine), or perhaps some vatn (water), or djús (juice) for the kids or for mixing.

Your host will have prepared diskar & glös (plates & cups) for you to use, along with hnífar & gafflar (knives and forks), and of course servíettur (napkins).

Last but not least: you will need a few phrases to help you mingle, and there is no easier way to make fast friends than speaking (favourably!) about the food you're enjyoing together. Follow our posts on Facebook and Instagram, where we'll be supplying you with some helpful grillsumar words and phrases!

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Grill =  barbecue

Veisla = party

Partý = party (borrowed word, obviously)

Grillveisla = barbecue party

Grillpartý = barbecue party

Grillsumar = barbecue summer

Að grilla = to barbecue (or roast)

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