May 26, 2022

Now is the time of year when days become longer and nights become shorter, and people all over Iceland are itching to start their summer holidays. While many choose to travel abroad, travelling in Iceland is always a popular choice with the local population. One nearly sure-fire way to almost guarantee sunshine during your holidays is by following the sun. To avoid the disappointment of bad weather ruining your plans & views, just let the sun dictate where you‘re headed and where you‘ll end up!

Follow these simple steps:

1) Check the weather report for possible sun sightings

2) Consulting a map, look for destinations in the vicinity of predicted sun sightings

3) Prepare mentally to repeat steps 1 and 2 (one or more times, however short your trip)

That should guarantee you some sunshine, with at least some degree of certainty ;)

Icelanders get up to all sorts over the summer, and over the next few weeks we will give you in insight into activities we could classify as especially Icelandic. To be fair, some of these are popular all year round, but it‘s different during the summer. Everything is made more pleasurable by the warming rays of the sun, no matter how sparse the allocation. What's more, the activities are just perfect for when you are chasing the sun around the island.

Follow us for the next few weeks for these summer holiday insights!


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