June 1, 2022

It's June! The month you might recognize as May at home (unless you live further up than 66°), when everything is finally in bloom, fresh and sparkling out of the bud. People are on the move, and nothing will hold them back from escaping the shackles of winter and "stay at home“ months.

But hold your horses, choose your path well. The highland roads are, for example, not yet open to traffic. Many places are still snow covered. The soil is swelling with melt water. The important word there is "LOKAГ, or CLOSED! Driving in such areas, in such conditions will not only get you stuck, you'll be breaking the law, and at best, if you persist, leaving huge tracks that will last for years. Rain and melt water will gravitate to your tracks, form a brook, then a river and possibly a stream! Maybe not, but such tracks will increase erosion – not mentioning becoming an eyesore in unspoiled nature fort hose following in your tracks.

So enjoy the roads that you are allowed to drive on, those that are marked green on safetravel.is/conditions, the official source of information on everything important you need to know on your journey around Iceland. There you’ll see where you can go and when.

Should you try to bypass road blocks into the interior, you’ll have to take on the guys from Landsbjörg, the Icelandic Association for Search and Rescue, or ICE-SAR rescue teams, a group of extremely well trained and dedicated volunteers. TIP: Be polite and smiling. These are the very same guys and girls that will rescue you when you really need it – for free. They will be the ones pulling you up should your car end up in a canyon or, god forbid, a river. They will look for you day and night if you have wandered off the trail and fog has swept in.

So if you are going to join Icelanders on the move in June, start by checking out the above website. It has much more than road conditions to offer, things you may need to know while you take on the Ring Road, or other Icelandic routes - green routes ;)

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So, góða ferð! Have a good trip! And farðu varlega - be careful!

Note: the above photo is a screen shot of conditions on June 1st 2022 (at 08.00). What the photo doesn't show is the colour legend, so go check out the site (safetravel.is) to learn more!


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