June 29, 2022

Camping, as well as staying in camper vans, is quite popular over the summer months. Unlike the other activities listed in our posts about summer activities in Iceland, camping is not easily done during other seasons in Iceland (though possible; anything is possible, of course).

There is something so wonderful about travelling into the night when it doesn't get dark. Setting up camp and perhaps cooking a quick meal late at night with no need of a torch to help you out. Whether driving or perhaps hiking in the mountains between huts / camping sites, it's not hard to forget time and place, and just continue on until someone in your group remembers to check the time, and you realise you should have stopped ages ago. While you should of course always be sure to get enough sleep, especially if you're driving or exerting yourself, this type of forgetting-yourself-under-the-midnight-sun kind of travel is simply beautiful.

Your greatest challenge when camping in Iceland will be the ever-present and often aggressive wind taking off with your tent and pushing plates and cutlery off picnic tables.That and the rain. And also, depending on where you go, the beautiful and protective Arctic Tern mounting attacks on your head as she protects her young. Just bring a helmet, and some patience (in reference to the wind and rain), and you‘ll be fine!

There is a wide network of beautiful and well-equipped camping sites in Iceland. It's good to be aware of them before setting off, as you cannot pitch your tent or park your car/van just any where you like. Farmers may not like it, other travellers may not appreciate you sleeping right where they're planning on sight-seeing, and people in towns and villages will definitely not appreciate you staying the night in their street / neighbourhood. No different than in other countries, really ;)

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Útilega = camping

Að tjalda = pitching or staying in a tent

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