Picture of happy LÓA students
Robert Zaleśny, PhD

Entertaining lessons, passion and positive energy

Imagine a teacher whose cardinal rules are to bend over backwards during lessons, constantly provide assistance to students, motivate students to keep their chin up, share enthusiasm, passion and positive energy, make lessons entertaining and - last but not least -explain difficult topics in an easy way.Does it sound like a fantasy? Well, I enjoy this fantasy twice a week with Anna Ólafsdóttir at the LÓA Language School :)As an university teacher with 20 years of experience, I must admit that Anna is an endless inspiration for me!

Picture of happy LÓA students
Georgiana Arsinel

Learn in an efficient and fun way

The online Icelandic course with Anna was very helpful and fun at the same time. The sessions were well structured, covering both grammar, vocabulary, and notions about Icelandic culture and society.

Anna prepared learning material that clarified the grammar issues I had been struggling with until then. I clearly remember her explanations whenever I come across a phrase or grammar-related aspect long after having completed her course.

I also appreciate the fact that she encouraged us to talk in Icelandic as much as possible and she took the time to explain complex concepts to us every time.

I strongly recommend Anna's courses to anyone who wants to learn Icelandic in an efficient and fun way.

Takk fyrir tímann, Anna 😊  

Picture of happy LÓA students
Mateusz Dominik Popielski

Professional, respectful and extremely patient

Anna is an excellent teacher! Always professional, respectful and extremely patient. She explains grammar in a very accessible and understandable way. Her teaching methods are based on group conversations, also with invited guests which allowed me to break the ice with conversations with native speakers. Cultural diversity workshops helped me better prepare for my move to Iceland.

Picture of happy LÓA students
Rhona Velasco

Flexible program

I highly recommend taking the Icelandic course of LOA to those who are busy with their work. I have been contemplating for years when I would enroll and commit my time in this course but I could not find a good schedule for me. And just when I was ready, it was the pandemic and I did not feel safe to go to the classes. Finally I found a flexible online program that could work for me, plus instructions are in English! 

At first it was confusing and I was not sure if I was following the program correctly but the administrators / teachers were very helpful and responsive. So I got the hang of it and after that it was very easy to follow. They always offered a zoom meeting to explain and help me. 

It took me many months to finish the first course but I am very satisfied with my stress-free experience and progress.  

Picture of happy LÓA students
Masumi Eyfells

Easy to follow

I found Anna's course very helpful and my Icelandic definitely improved significantly.

Anna prepared useful and accessible slides containing grammar and with walk through video guidance that was easy to understand and follow. During online meetings Anna made sure I understood perfectly and provided me with extra guidance on how to improve my Icelandic. What I found especially useful for myself as a mother of two young children, was the flexibility of being able to choose when to go through the video slides as my schedule can often be irregular.

I would not hesitate to recommend her courses to anyone wishing to improve their Icelandic with attention to detail and especially those requiring flexible schedules.

Picture of happy LÓA students
Diana Poon

Concise answers and explanations

I really appreciated how Anna utilised multiple types of exercise (eg. writing listening dictation and sometimes even drawing!) and quizzes to ensure I got a good grasp of course material. The course material was very well structured and clear. I also found the online meetings very helpful with practicing conversation skills and learning new vocabularies that are relevant to me.

Anna is very skilled at understanding students' questions and providing concise answers and explanations, which is not something one can typically get from native Icelandic speakers.