Course details

For the detail oriented among us, here are some drop down categories that will make us very happy!

LÓA Language School
offers two types of courses: Online independent study courses and online tutoring.

Online independent study
After buying and enrolling in one of our online courses, students receive access to our study portal, which contains all study materials as well as detailed instructions and information about the particular course. Each course corresponds to roughly 5-6 weeks in a classroom setting.

Students have access to the course for 12 months after purchase. With LÓA, students study at their own pace, concentrating on their chosen course and organising their studies as they see fit.

Online tutoring
After purchasing online tutoring sessions, students receive an email from LÓA with information on how to schedule appointments. Each online tutoring session is valid for 12 months after purchase.

To give you an idea of what we offer and what is required of you, we have covered the essentials below. If you have any questions, please consult our FAQ page, or email us at

Curriculum: Íslenska 1

In our first beginners' course you will learn vocabulary to express a wide variety of things concerning daily life – all within the grammar framework necessary to use your knowledge with ease and skill.

The vocabulary at this stage will revolve around

  • family
  • daily life
  • body and health
  • home and children
  • work and vocations
  • locations and directions
  • numbers and telling time

As for grammar, the course will introduce you to

  • nouns, their gender and the different cases
  • verbs and simple ways to express present, past and future
  • prepositions to describe directions and locations, and
  • adjectives to add some colour to the world

Curriculum: Íslenska 2

In Íslenska 2 you will broaden your field of knowledge to cover more and more situations you may find yourself in. You will be given tools to tackle conversations in various circumstances with confidence. You will expand your vocabulary, and learn new grammar elements, enriching your language and increasing the independence you will feel living in Iceland.

To increase your vocabulary we will cover topics such as

  • travel and holidays
  • going to restaurants
  • seasons and weather
  • interests and hobbies
  • appearance and moods
  • shopping for various items
  • understanding and giving directions
  • work: changing shifts, getting off early, calling in sick

In addition we will cover daily activities outside and inside the home, and go deeper into many of the aspects covered in level 1.

As for grammar, we will

  • delve into the past tense and dig a little into the past participle
  • learn to use more cases for noun and pronoun declensions,and discover gendered adjectives (but of course, they also come in three different flavours) and their declensions.
  • learn how prepositions and verbs affect nouns for example the difference between going to work and being at work.

Structure and Requirements: Íslenska 1 & 2

Íslenska 1 and 2 contain carefully designed course packages that amount to 40 course hours each. These 40 hours are divided into 18 lessons for level 1 and 22 lessons for level 2. They are based on the textbook Íslenska fyrir alla, which you will receive upon enrolment. Each of the lessons contains instructional material with thorough content explanations through video and audio teaching and exercises. In addition, homework is assigned with every lesson.

The estimated time to complete each lesson is approx. 2 hours, depending on the student's linguistic background, familiarity with Icelandic and individual work speed.

In addition to the course package and textbook, you will receive

  • A vocabulary list
  • An exercise booklet with answers to self correct
  • Grammar sheets
  • Introduction material to assist with speaking practice

General Course Requirements

For all our courses, students must have

  • Motivation and discipline for independent study
  • Conversational English; English is used as the language of instruction at level 1 and 2 and at times for clarifications on higher levels, where Icelandic takes over as the language of instruction
  • A computer or laptop; using a mobile is strongly discouraged
  • Good internet access
  • Access to a printer to print out support material

In addition, Level 2 has a set of specific requirements:

Level 2 Requirements

To enrol, you will need

  • a certificate showing that you have completed Íslenska 1,with LÓA or another language school, OR
  • familiarity with basic vocabulary and grammar demonstrated through our free Placement Exam, which we've designed to help avoid students signing up for the wrong courses/wrong levels.

While we don't expect you to know the level 1 curriculum off by heart, it will be difficult to start level 2 if you are new to the basics.

See Íslenska 1 & 2 curricula in drop down menu above.

Online Tutoring

Online tutoring sessions are available for purchase, and each session lasts 45 minutes.

Through online tutoring we can support your efforts by eg. providing more in-depth explanations about grammar or vocabulary, with speaking practice, or whatever else you need.

If you are thinking about taking online tutoring to support your during your course we recommend that you:

  • Arrange to have your first session after you have completed the first 3-4 lessons, in order to catch any questions you might have and clear up any confusion early on.
  • Arrange to meet again when you have 5-6 lessons left, and see how far you've come!

You could also use these sessions to help you prepare for the course exam, if you plan to take it.

Don't worry if you are not certain about what you'd like to learn or how to use the sessions. Our experience tells us that the sessions will probably be shaped by what you are studying. Typically, review and assistance related to the grammar and vocabulary you have learned so far will make up most of the tutoring sessions, as will speaking practice. We will find out together!

For online tutoring sessions we use Zoom. We will be in touch to make all arrangements (date, time) once you've purchased the session(s).

Click here the links for more information about online tutoring with our awesome teacher, Anna!

Practice speaking Icelandic - some tips!

  • We strongly encourage you to practice your Icelandic for at least 10 minutes every day!
  • Take some time to find someone suitable to be your Icelandic language practice partner. Or partners! It may be your neighbour, a friend, a work mate, or even that youth on the annoying scooter – give it some thought; it’ll be worth your time.
  • We will of course provide more tips and instructions if you decide to join us online!

Course Details & Material

General Course Details

Our Icelandic courses levels 1-4 are intended as online independent study where the student is in charge of their own study and progress.

The lessons are in slide format. They are built around the content in the Íslenska fyrir alla textbooks, and contain the following:

  • Short video & audio lectures
  • Listening comprehension exercises
  • Exercise booklets with solutions (PDF/ printable)
  • Multiple choice exercises
  • Fill-in-the-blanks exercises
  • Quizzes


All students receive the following upon enrolment in our Íslenska 1-4 courses:

  • Access to course materials for 12 months from day of purchase
  • A course package containing comprehensive course materials created by our teachers
  • A copy of the Íslenska fyrir alla (Icelandic for Everyone) textbook, by Sólborg Jónsdóttir and Þorbjörg Halldórsdóttir; drawings by Böðvar Leós
  • Course Exam at the end of the course (optional; included in price)
  • Certificate of Completion NOTE: Students must pass the Course Exam to receive the certificate

Course Level & Progression

Your satisfaction with the courses and competent advancement from one level to the next is very important to us. One key factor, surprisingly often overlooked, is ensuring that you are studying at your correct level.

In order to remove any obstacles created by studying at the wrong level, LÓA has created two types of exams:

  • the Placement Exam - for anyone who needs to assess their Icelandic level
  • the End of Course Exam - for students at LÓA Language School only

Placement Exam

For anyone who needs to assess their level of Icelandic

Anyone can take the Placement Exam to find out which level of Icelandic they are at. It is ideal for anyone who has had exposure to Icelandic through living in Iceland or taking Icelandic courses, but is unsure about their actual level of study, knowledge and proficiency. The Placement Exam is free of charge and open to all. Click the link below to take the exam!

Placement Exam / Stöðupróf

End of Course Exam

For students at LÓA Language School only

LÓA wants students to progress from one level to another confident in the knowledge that they have learned and retained what was presented. That is why we have prepared the End of Course Exam.

Upon completion of our level 1-3 courses, you have the option to sit the End of Course Exam, which is a written and oral exam.

The exam is included in the course price.

You will receive all further details about the exam at the appropriate time, should you choose to take it.

Students who receive a score of 75% or more will be awarded the LÓA Language School Certificate of Completion, marking their achievement! The certificate confirms the successful completion of a certain level and eligibility to move on to the next.


While the End of Course Exam is optional, it is necessary to take it if you want or need a Certificate of Completion. The exam is also necessary if you would like to progress through LÓA's course levels. This is in order for you to benefit the most from your studies as you progress.

Preparing for the End of Course Exam - suggestions

  • One-on-one Online Tutoring sessions (Einkakennsla) are a convenient tool in preparation for the exam; sessions are available for purchase (see our Courses page).

Certificate of Completion

See also in Course Level & Progression

Students who receive a score of 75% or more on the End of Course Exam* will be awarded the LÓA Language School Certificate of Completion, marking their achievement!

The end of course exam is necessary if you want to progress through LÓA's course levels. The certificate confirms the completion of a certain level and eligibility to move on to the next.

Students who need certificates for applications (such as residency applications**) or other purposes must take the end of course exam.

*The end of course exam is included in the course price; for more information see Course Level & Progression.

**Course hours for Íslenska 1 and Íslenska 2 now count towards the requirements for residency applications. LÓA's accreditation application was approved with the Ministry of Education in December 2021.