August 17, 2022

Reykjavik Culture Night is a city-wide celebration taking place in pretty much any venue imaginable – in museums, businesses and residential gardens; even streets and squares are included. Organisers include artists, institutions of culture, businesses, creative individuals, etc etc. It marks the beginning of the city’s cultural year, and according to the official website: The main objective of Reykjavik Culture Night is to deliver a diverse and rich offering of cultural events from 1-11pm." The night (which starts early in the day...) kicks off with a marathon, and ends with a fabulous firework display down by the harbour.

The events are many and varied, and on the official website the organisers have included a map of events and WC facilities, so you should feel well taken care of.

The event dates back to 1986 and is in fact a birthday party in honour of Reykjavík receiving kaupstaðarréttindi in 1786, a status which included the right to elect a mayor, and conduct any manner of business, import, export, and such. It has to do with the abolition of Danish business monopoly. Let's not dwell on that but rather on the fact that, just like with any other birthday party, entrance to any of the events is free of charge!

Join in if you’re in Reykjavík on the 20th of August – check here for the Reykjavik Culture Night programme.



‍Culture = menning (f.noun)

Night = nótt (f. noun)Also female name.

‍Museum = safn (n.noun)

‍Artist = listamaður /listakona (m. noun / f. noun; compound words)

‍Firework display = flugeldasýning (f. noun; compound word)

- Fireworks = flugeldar (lit.: flight fires, flying fires)

- Show, display, exhibit = sýning

Event = viðburður (m.noun)

Art = list (f. noun)

‍Entrance is free of charge = Ókeypis aðgangur

- Free = ókeypis(adjective)

- Un = ó

- Buy(able) = keypis, from að kaupa (to buy) , not a stand-alone word.

- Entrance = aðgangur (m. noun)

Programme = dagskrá( f. noun; compound word); we also just use prógram (n. noun)!

- Day = dagur

- Log = skrá

SOME ART-RELATED WORDS - there are more, here are just a few

List = art

Safn = museum

Listasafn = (art) museum

Mynd = picture

Myndlist = visual art

Leikur = play (as in playing)

Leiklist = the art of theater, drama

Söngur = song

Sönglist = art of singing

Að rita = to write (not used that commonly on its own)

Ritlist = the art of writing

There are so many words telling you precisely what type of artist you're dealing with. Sometimes adding - kona or -maður creates the right word. Sometimes it doesn't! Here are a few examples:

Myndlistarkona = artist (female), visual arts

Myndlistarmaður = artist (male), visual arts

Leikkkona = actress

Leikari actor (male)

Söngkona singer (female)

Söngvari singer (male)

Rithöfundur = writer of all genders, but the noun itself is masculine

Ljóðskáld = poet of all genders

Dansari = dancer of all genders


Etc / and then more = osfrv = short for these 3 words: og svo framvegis

And = og

Then = svo (has more meanings, more later ;) )

Henceforth, or just kind of more = framvegis

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