August 24, 2022

Are there wolves in Iceland? How about snakes? Any frogs? No mosquitos, right?

The Icelandic fauna is scant in terms of variety. For instance, the island is entirely free from any local and free-roaming varieties of reptiles and amphibians! Who wants snakes anyway and to be kept awake by frogs and toads quacking? No,we‘re proud of meager and yet sufficient selection: our two types of mice, two types of rats and the arctic fox. They made it here, across the seas, on their own merit. One brought the plague with them in 1402, but it wasn‘t their fault.

Since then the reindeer has joined this little elite group of Icelandic mammals. Later, mink was introduced and most recently, rabbits. So we‘re up to six species: mice, rats, foxes, mink,reindeer and rabbits. The relatively friendly nature of animals living in Iceland is why you can camp anywhere, lie safe in the grass, and save on the insect repellent.

The often poor weather conditions may place your enjoyment and safety in Iceland in jeopardy. But our fauna is good-natured and not out to get you! Generally speaking.

Over the next few weeks we‘ll give you a brief overview of the local fauna, our polite local and imported land mammals, along with related vocabulary and grammar.

First up (well, next week; we have to pace ourselves ;) ): a fairly recent arrival, seemingly innocent, very cute, yet officially considered a pest. Can you guess which animal we're referring to?



Animal life - Dýralíf

Wolf - Úlfur

Masc. noun

Singular: Úlfur, úlf, úlfi, úlfs

Plural: Úlfar, úlfa, úlfum, úlfa

Snake - Snákur

Masc. noun

Sing.: Snákur, snák, snáki, snáks

Pl.: Snákar, snáka, snákum, snáka

Frog - Froskur

Masc. noun

Sing.: Froskur, frosk, froski, frosks

Pl.: Froskar, froska, froskum, froska

Toad - Karta

Fem. noun

Sing.: Karta, körtu, körtu, körtu

Pl.: Körtur, körtur, körtum, karta

Mosquito - Moskítófluga

Fem. compound noun

Fluga - Fly

Fem. noun

Sing.: Fluga, flugu, flugu, flugu

Pl.: Flugur, flugur, flugum, flugna

Mouse - Mús

Fem. noun

Sing.: Mús, mús, mús, músar

Pl.: Mýs, mýs, músum, músa

Rat - Rotta

Fem. noun

Sing.: Rotta, rottu, rottu, rottu

Pl.: Rottur, rottur, rottum, rotta

Arctic fox - Refur

Masc. noun

Sing.: Refur, ref, refi, refs

Pl.: Refir, refi, refum, refa

Reindeer - Hreindýr

Neuter compound noun

Sing.: Hreindýr, hreindýr, hreindýri, hreindýrs

Pl.: Hreindýr, hreindýr, hreindýrum, hreindýra

Mink - Minkur

Masc. noun

Sing.: Minkur, mink, minki, minks

Pl.: Minkar, minka, minkum, minka

Rabbit - Kanína

Fem. noun

Sing.: Kanína, kanínu, kanínu, kanínu

Pl.: Kanínur, kanínur, kanínum, kanína

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